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Benefits of good fleet maintenance:

 Our goal is to reduce downtime for your car, light duty truck, & van fleets. 

As a business owner or fleet manager, your profits demand that you keep your repair & maintenance costs as low as possible while keeping the quality of repairs & fleet reliability standards high. 

CHUCK'S Auto Shop understands just how important your fleet is to your business, & how critical it is to keep your fleet moving like it's supposed to. 

As your vehicles come into our shop, each one undergoes a comprehensive inspection to determine both the current mechanical condition as well as the current level of factory recommended maintenance. When completed, a detailed schedule of recommended maintenance & repairs designed to keep your vehicles running will be reviewed with you.  
Experienced in providing regular & customized fleet maintenance, our ASE Certified technicians will locate and repair problems quickly, assuring the highest quality repairs. 
Contact us at (702) 749-9123 to discuss how our Fleet Service Program can help save you money, while keeping your vehicles on the road and out of the shop!